Planning A Romantic Getaway To Phuket

phuketYou’ve both been together for as long as you can remember. You both are avid swimmers, water babies and of course, beach lovers. If you and your partner are looking for a perfect place to go this Summer, we definitely recommend Phuket, Thailand and listed below are a few ideas you would want to try out with your significant other.  Perfect for long term rental Phuket is a preferred travel destination for holiday-goers from world over. It fits budget travellers and luxury seekers and offers nothing but great weather, even more great food and the best of what entertainment has to provide.
Unless you are planning a surprise proposal for your partner (which is also a great idea to explore while you are here in Phuket), we hope the following would keep the two of you entertained.
First, if the budget fits, try to opt for a place by the beach. For long term rental Phuket, beach fronts are easy to come by, though a tad bit more costly than locations with no great views. But guarantee you that it’s a sight to wake up to. Your place by the beach will in itself offer a range of things for the both of you to do. These could include a picnic on the beach, long walks on the beach to chase amazing sunsets and depending on how far you are from clear blue waters: snorkelling!
Second, discover Phang Nga Bay. It’s caves, it’s deep corners and dark secrets are not only beautiful but compliment the amazing lagoons that you will not be able to get enough of. It’s something you ought to both do together, as you lie on a guided canoe exploring, discovering and being together. Third, if you both are looking at Phuket as a place to unwind and get away from work stressors and other messes, a couple spa is what you should both aim for. Depending on where you stay, your hotel would offer this option but if not, don’t worry for the streets of Phuket are guaranteed to have decent massage parlours for the both of you to get the much need R&R.
Finally, the food. It always comes down to the glory of Thai food and apartment for rent Pattaya has some of the best of what Thai food has to offer, at Depending on how adventurous the both of you, treat the both of yourselves to a date night of street food, exploring a bit of local cuisine here and some local spirits over there. However, if you would prefer something more dressed up, there are many hotels on the coastline offering romantic dining for two by the beach! Happy holidays to the both of you!