SCA Connect : Australia’s Largest Migrating Agency

SCA Connect established in 1989 is one of the oldest running Australian migration agency, Our offices are located in Melbourne and Sydney. Our aim is to assist both Australian and overseas clients. If you are looking to hire an overseas worker, Or an individual looking to migrate to Australia we will gladly assist you. Here are some of the migration services we have :   

482 Migration Visa :  The 482 Migration Visa which is also commonly known as Skill Shortage Visa, This visa is granted to those overseas workers who possess the required skill set as demanded by the employer, And if the employer is not able to find a suitable Australian inhabitant with the required attributes for the job in that case the 482 Migration Visa may be granted. There are a few requirements to be qualified as a 482 visa migration agent in Perth : 

  • Character clearance from the employee’s state. 
  • Possessing the required skill set as per employer’s demands. 
  • Fluency in English language. 
  • Clearing the health test.   

Employer Nomination Scheme :   To qualify for employer’s nomination scheme which is also known as 186 visa agent in Adelaide the candidate must be nominated by their employers, and previous experience for at least a tenure of 3 to 4 years with firm and the employee must be previously nominated for the skill shortage visa in order to be qualified as a 186 Visa Agent. 

Parent Visa Migration:  Parent Visa Migration may be a slower process but SCA Connect tries their best to ease it and fully co-operates so it can be done as soon as possible.   Here is the criteria to qualify for this visa :  

  • Your children must be Australian locals for more than 2 years or eligible New Zealander. 
  • More than half of your children must be residing in Australia if not all. 
  • If someone agrees to sponsor you. 
  • Character and medical clearance from the candidates country. 

Partner Visa Migration: To qualify for Partner Visa Migration, You must be in a legal relationship with your partner (Married, Engaged or in a de-facto) as per Australian laws, According to which your age must be 16 or above, Also your partner must be willing to sponsor you with proper living arrangements.  

190 Migration Visa :  190 Migration Visa requires the candidate to appear in an aptitude test and meet the minimum threshold of 65 marks and then further evaluation of the candidate will be based on different attributes such as their fluency in English language, Their financial standings and their character as well as health. SCA connect aims to connect people with their loved ones or providing opportunities to overseas individual to migrate to Australia, We offer a competitive fee structure with no hidden charges, And regular updates of your application are provided on our online portal and we will handle your case with utmost co-operation and make you feel at ease and your application will only be accepted if we are certain it will be accepted.  migration-agents